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Integrating Tax Planning with Wealth Management

Our team of financial service professionals offers comprehensive tax planning services to assist clients in optimising their tax position and leveraging key benefits. Through in-depth financial analysis, tailored strategies, guidance on superannuation and debt management, ongoing monitoring, collaboration with tax professionals, and active communication, we help clients achieve their financial goals while ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Discover the Power of Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning should be integral to your overall wealth management strategy. Leveraging tax management techniques can optimise investment returns and increase your net worth over time. Preserve more of your wealth, allocate it towards investment opportunities, and watch your assets grow with our tax-effective investment strategies.

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Trust us to align your tax planning strategies with your unique evolving needs and changing tax landscapes.

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Looking to manage or reduce taxes on income or investments in Australia? Our tax financial advisors are here to guide you with expert strategies in specialist areas like wealth management, personal investing, superannuation, and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs).

Tax planning is more than just filing your taxes – it’s about strategically organising your finances to optimise your tax liability while staying compliant with Australian tax laws. Our team can help you make informed decisions and implement effective strategies to minimise current, ongoing, and future tax liabilities.

Key Tax Strategies we can help you Explore:

  • Structuring Investments Tax-Efficiently: Our tax-financial advisers can help you choose investment vehicles that offer tax benefits, such as franking credits or assets eligible for capital gains tax concessions.
  • Utilising Tax Deductions: We can help you explore options with allowable deductions to reduce taxable income, including investment expenses, education costs, charitable donations, and home office deductions for self-employed individuals.
  • Managing Capital Gains Tax (CGT): Our experts can guide you through the complexities of CGT and help you navigate available investment vehicles, timing asset sales, and other strategies to reduce your CGT liability.
  • Superannuation Contributions: Certain tax advantages apply to utilise specific superannuation contribution strategies to manage tax implications on income streams and investments. Vehicles such as SMSFs and other complex tactics, salary sacrificing, and personal contributions can provide tax deductions, while earnings within the fund are taxed at concessional rates.
  • Utilising Tax Offsets and Credits: Directly reduce your tax payable through offsets and credits. We can show you how to leverage incentives like the Low and Middle-Income Tax Offset (LMITO), Senior Australians and Pensioners Tax Offset (SAPTO), and various business-related tax offsets.
  • Improving Cash Flow: Reduce the amount of tax paid throughout the year, improving your cash flow for reinvestment, debt reduction, or personal expenses.
  • Minimising Tax Liability: Keep more of your hard-earned money by proactively planning your finances and legally reducing your tax liabilities.
  • Maximising Wealth Accumulation: Allocate more funds towards savings, investments, and wealth-building activities, accelerating your path to financial success.
  • Enhancing Investment Returns: Optimise after-tax investment returns through strategic tax minimisation techniques, particularly relevant for assets subject to CGT or income tax.

Superannuation and SMSFs play vital roles in Australia’s taxation and wealth management landscape. We can assess your unique situation and eligibility to utilise potential tax deductions, concessional tax treatment, and greater investment control with SMSFs. Our advisers can tailor your investment portfolio to align with your long-term goals while considering your unique tax implications.

With our expertise in tax planning, wealth management, and SMSFs, you can maximise tax efficiency, grow your wealth, and secure a brighter financial future.

Did you know that borrowing can be a game-changer in tax planning? 

Borrowing empowers you to access tax deductions, optimise cash flow, protect assets, and strategically manage your tax liabilities. 

By leveraging debt strategically, individuals and businesses can tap into a world of benefits to enhance their tax planning strategies and potentially achieve significant tax savings. Below are examples of how borrowing can supercharge your tax planning efforts:

  1. Cash Flow Management: Borrowing provides flexibility in managing cash flow for taxation purposes. By strategically timing deductible expenses, you can optimise your tax planning. Borrowing funds in the current year to offset higher future income is a smart move that can help you minimise taxes.
  2. Interest Deductibility: The interest expense on loans used for income-producing investments or business purposes is generally tax-deductible. This means you can lower your taxable income and reduce your tax liability.
  3. Superannuation Contribution Reserves: Borrowing can play a vital role in optimising your superannuation strategy. You can borrow funds to make a lump sum contribution to your superannuation account and then strategically utilise contribution reserves. This powerful tactic allows you to claim a tax deduction for the contribution in a subsequent year when it’s more advantageous.
  4. Negative Gearing: When you borrow to invest in income-producing assets like rental properties or shares, you can benefit from negative gearing. This occurs when the expenses associated with the investment exceed the income it generates, resulting in a tax-deductible loss that reduces your overall tax liability.


While borrowing offers exciting tax benefits, it’s crucial to understand the risks involved, such as interest rate fluctuations and debt repayment obligations. Seeking professional advice and carefully assessing the financial implications is essential before implementing any borrowing strategy for tax planning.

Additional Services & Access:

  • Choice of Cash Management Accounts (CMA) 
  • Spread of Professional Investment Managers (in-house investment managers)
  • Professionally Managed Portfolios 
  • Unlimited access to Shares and ETFs across established and emerging global exchanges, including the ASX.
  • Personalised Managed Accounts 
  • 24/7 digital access and regular reporting of investment holdings, performance, tax positions, and corporate actions.


Domestic and International Portfolios

Working with proprietary global investment platforms, B. Moses provides clients easy and unlimited access to the Australian and international equities markets and ETFs across major global exchanges, including the ASX. 

Securities Trading

The trading team at BMAM and BMS consists of highly experienced equities advisers specialising in mid-tier and large-cap companies on the ASX. In this specialised area, BMAM and BMS operate derivatives strategies, including equity and index options that generate income and provide hedging for portfolios and speculation.  

Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

The BMAM and BMS team has assisted listed and unlisted companies in raising capital through private equity and placements.

Experience comprehensive tax planning services and support from our team of financial service professionals. We are dedicated to assisting clients in optimising their tax position and leveraging key benefits. Our range of services includes:

  • Conducting a thorough financial analysis to understand your unique circumstances and develop tailored tax planning strategies.
  • Identifying specific tax optimisation strategies, such as deductible expenses, capital gains management, and tax-efficient investment structuring.
  • Providing guidance on superannuation contributions, withdrawal strategies, and understanding tax implications.
  • Assisting with borrowing and debt management for tax planning purposes, considering your borrowing capacity and potential tax advantages.
  • Proactively monitoring and reviewing tax planning strategies to ensure effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.
  • Collaborating with tax professionals to ensure seamless coordination and compliance with tax laws.
  • Educating and communicating with clients empowers them to make informed decisions and actively participate in the tax planning process.

Our comprehensive approach, ongoing support, and collaboration with other professionals help clients optimise their tax position, reduce their tax liability, enhance cash flow, and work towards their financial goals. Trust us to align your tax planning strategies with evolving needs and changing tax landscapes.