Intermediary Services
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Specialist intermediary services that can be tailored for wholesale and HNW investors, corporate and institutional clients, and financial advisers and practice managers seeking exposure to provide unmatched investment services to their clients.

Intermediary Services
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We offer access to comprehensive platform service, portfolio construction, and professionally managed investment and execution of orders.

BMAM specialist intermediary services offer dedicated advisory and execution services that can be tailored specifically to the requirements of our wholesale investors, financial services professional investors, and financial planners and practice managers seeking access to the equities markets, private debt investments, and alternative high conviction investment opportunities.

In partnership with PORTICA, we offer high net worth investors, family offices, financial advisory practice, and institutions the opportunity to participate in our private debt investment opportunities providing high fixed interest distributions to wholesale and sophisticated investors.

On every transaction, the primary goal is the preservation of capital through rigorous assessment and management of risk with parallel maximisation of investment returns.

We have adopted a proactive approach and have established concrete procedures to monitor the performance and the credit quality of all the private debts issued whilst we have instituted clearly defined remedy steps towards risk management.

The private debt made through both platforms is advanced on the premise that the borrower provides security. Such security will normally take the form of residential or commercial property. Other types of security that may be considered to enhance the collateral strength include company shares, marketable securities, and personal guarantees. The minimum deal size to gain entry into PMF is $500,000.

In conjunction with B. Moses Securities, our clients benefit from equity capital markets opportunities such as IPOs, capital raising, and placements, ongoing research, and excellent execution and distribution services.

Our simplified new way of asset management is to stay connected and supportive via a secured private wealth clients’ access portal to create positive client experiences that promote transparency and accountability.

Our adviser can customise our specialist services to support and meet the advice and investment needs of first-time or experienced family investors, retirement planners, superannuation and SMSF investors, wholesale investors, financial advisers, SME investors, medical professionals, and corporate clients.

We provided dealer group services to financial advisors and advisor groups with Australia National Investment Group (ANIG WM) to navigate and grow their respective advice businesses.

ANIG WM is a national financial services dealer group leading the way for a better advice future with a shared goal of providing quality advice and advocating for the advice profession. The ANIG WM services are designed to help advisers increase efficiency, manage compliance and scale. ANIG WM’s integrated platform and back-office support services, compliance administration, and wealth management framework can be tailored to an adviser or adviser group’s unique circumstances.

Working with B. Moses Private Wealth and Bridging Advisory, the ad hoc services to Private Wealth Clients are designed to save time and cost. We use specialist services and unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge.

Estate Planning:

As a client, you can benefit from succession planning services. Our Private Wealth Advisers can work with you to ensure your succession plan is well structured that it can be tax and cost-effectively transferred to your next generation.

Business Tax Concessions And M&A Services:

Our Business Wealth Advisory clients can benefit from a comprehensive range of business advisory services. We provide advice and support services on business cashflow lending, mergers and acquisition services, business sale and business tax concessions, acquiring a business or property using SMSFs and other trust structures.

Personal Insurance:

Our clients can benefit from our specialist risk advisory services. With our private wealth clients, our objective is to utilise insurances to help protect their families and assets in any event that can significantly disrupt the health and wellbeing of their lifestyle and financial affairs including their investments under advice.

UK Pension Transfers:

Our Private Wealth Clients receives advice on how to transfer their UK Pension to Australia. Our offering is hustle-free and we save clients time and significant cost savings in transferring their UK Pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) here in Australia.