Self-Managed Super Funds
Explore financial empowerment and control with Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)

With an SMSF, you gain greater control over your retirement savings and investment decisions. We can assist you in developing a customised investment strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance and long-term objectives.

Self-Managed Super Funds
SMSF Overview

Discover the freedom, control, and potential of SMSFs with our advisors. Our SMSF team can empower you to shape your financial future by providing personalised advice, tailored investment strategies, and expert guidance.

Why SMSFs?

It can allow access to appropriate investments, ensuring optimal exposure to the major asset classes.

Ultimate Flexibility

Members can include family members and it can allow flexibility to tailor the fund to fit personal circumstances.

Suitable For Pension

You can run a pension account within the same structure, making SMSFs a long-term financial planning tool.

Our Capabilities

With our professional guidance and expertise, you can confidently manage your SMSF, making informed decisions that align with your financial goals. We are committed to helping you achieve a secure and comfortable retirement, providing peace of mind every step of the way.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a type of superannuation fund in Australia that offer individuals greater control over their retirement savings and investment decisions. SMSFs allow members to become trustees and manage the fund’s investments according to their specific investment strategy. Let’s explore the benefits, risks, strategies, and important considerations associated with SMSFs in the next sections.

  1. Investment Control: SMSFs allow members to make investment decisions according to their risk tolerance, goals, and preferences. This level of control allows for a tailored investment strategy that aligns with individual needs.
  2. Diversification: SMSFs can invest in a wide range of assets, providing opportunities for diversification. Assets commonly held by SMSFs include cash, term deposits, shares, managed funds, direct property, and collectibles. Diversification helps to spread risk and potentially enhance returns.
  3. Tax Advantages: SMSFs enjoy similar tax benefits as other superannuation funds. Contributions to SMSFs are generally taxed at the concessional rate, and investment earnings are taxed at a lower rate. In retirement, SMSF members may benefit from tax-free income streams.
  4. Estate Planning Flexibility: SMSFs offer greater estate planning flexibility, allowing members to include specific provisions for the distribution of their superannuation assets after their passing. This can be advantageous for complex family situations and wealth preservation across generations.
  5. Borrowing in SMSFs: SMSFs can borrow funds to invest in certain assets, primarily through Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs). This strategy, commonly used for property investments, can allow SMSF members to access greater investment opportunities and potentially enhance long-term returns.
  1. Responsibility and Compliance: As SMSF trustees, members are responsible for ensuring compliance with superannuation laws and regulations. This includes administrative obligations, reporting requirements, and adherence to investment restrictions. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and potential loss of tax concessions.
  2. Investment Risk: With increased control comes increased investment risk. SMSF members are responsible for making informed investment decisions and managing investment volatility. Lack of diversification or poor investment choices can impact the fund’s performance and members’ retirement savings.
  3. Time and Expertise: Managing an SMSF requires time, effort, and knowledge of superannuation regulations, investment strategies, and compliance requirements. Members should consider whether they have the necessary skills or seek professional assistance to manage their SMSF effectively.

Let’s explore how we can assist you in making the most of SMSFs and why choosing us as your trusted partner is the right move.

Discover Financial Freedom:

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand the benefits, risks, and strategies associated with SMSFs. By providing comprehensive advice tailored to your unique goals and circumstances, we empower you to take control of your financial future.

Unleash Your Investment Potential: 

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter investment options. With SMSFs, you have the power to choose where your money goes. Our experienced advisors will work closely with you to develop a personalised investment strategy that aligns with your risk appetite and aspirations. The possibilities are endless, from stocks and property to managed funds and alternative assets.

Maximise Tax Advantages: 

With our SMSF expertise, we’ll help you leverage the generous tax advantages available. We’ll explore smart contribution strategies, such as salary sacrificing, non-concessional contributions, small business tax contributions where eligible, spouse contributions and others, to optimise your tax position. We aim to ensure your hard-earned money stays where it belongs – in your pocket.

Navigate Borrowing Opportunities: 

Our team will show you how borrowing within your SMSF can open doors to high-potential ventures like property investments. We’ll guide you through the complexities of Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs) and help you assess the risks and rewards, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Stay Ahead of Changing Regulations: 

The superannuation landscape is constantly evolving. As your trusted advisors, we stay up to date with the latest regulations and compliance requirements. You can rely on us to navigate the complex web of SMSF rules, ensuring your fund remains compliant and avoiding penalties. We’ll provide ongoing support and guidance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your retirement goals.

Superannuation and SMSFs play vital roles in Australia’s taxation and wealth management landscape. We can assess your unique situation and eligibility to utilise potential tax deductions, concessional tax treatment, and greater investment control with SMSFs. Our advisers can tailor your investment portfolio to align with your long-term goals while considering your unique tax implications.

With our expertise in tax planning, wealth management, and SMSFs, you can maximise tax efficiency, grow your wealth, and secure a brighter financial future.

Did you know that borrowing can be a game-changer in tax planning? 

Borrowing empowers you to access tax deductions, optimise cash flow, protect assets, and strategically manage your tax liabilities. 

By leveraging debt strategically, individuals and businesses can tap into a world of benefits to enhance their tax planning strategies and potentially achieve significant tax savings. Below are examples of how borrowing can supercharge your tax planning efforts:

  1. Cash Flow Management: Borrowing provides flexibility in managing cash flow for taxation purposes. By strategically timing deductible expenses, you can optimise your tax planning. Borrowing funds in the current year to offset higher future income is a smart move that can help you minimise taxes.
  2. Interest Deductibility: The interest expense on loans used for income-producing investments or business purposes is generally tax-deductible. This means you can lower your taxable income and reduce your tax liability.
  3. Superannuation Contribution Reserves: Borrowing can play a vital role in optimising your superannuation strategy. You can borrow funds to make a lump sum contribution to your superannuation account and then strategically utilise contribution reserves. This powerful tactic allows you to claim a tax deduction for the contribution in a subsequent year when it’s more advantageous.
  4. Negative Gearing: When you borrow to invest in income-producing assets like rental properties or shares, you can benefit from negative gearing. This occurs when the expenses associated with the investment exceed the income it generates, resulting in a tax-deductible loss that reduces your overall tax liability.

While borrowing offers exciting tax benefits, it’s crucial to understand the risks involved, such as interest rate fluctuations and debt repayment obligations. Seeking professional advice and carefully assessing the financial implications is essential before implementing any borrowing strategy for tax planning.