Estate Planning
We believe in smart Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan is essential for the long-term financial well-being of a family. We work with you and an estate planning specialist to develop the right estate planning solutions tailored to your family.

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Protecting wealth

We work with you and an estate management specialist to come up with the right estate planning solutions tailored to your family.

Our estate designing services include helping structure your Wills, setting up Enduring Power(s) of Attorney, Guardianship Arrangements, and Trust Structures such as testamentary trust. Restructuring superannuation investment and business succession planning also form part of our estate planning service. 

 An Estate Planning process usually begins at the latter stage of your advice process and must be reviewed after its implementation when there is a change in personal circumstances.


It is important to seek independent legal advice to ensure all your estate arranging needs are in order, as it is a complex area.

Estate planning is simply about developing a plan to ensure that the right assets are passed on to the right person at the right time – either via a Will or the way one sets up ownership of assets.

If an individual passes on without a Will or without a valid Will, likely, their wishes may not be followed. Generally, a court will appoint someone to administer their estate and their assets will be distributed according to a strict legislative formula. Friends or charities will not be able to benefit.

Estate Planning should also address provisions for an Enduring Power of Attorney which is a legal document appointing someone to act on one’s behalf in the event that the person becomes mentally incapable of managing your personal affairs. It gives them the power to generally act in your best interest such as deal in real estate and undertake investments.

An estate plan requires the involvement of skilled legal and financial advice about; Working out the most effective way for distributing your assets; Understanding the complex rules and requirements for the transfer of wealth and; The arrangement of specialist advice from accountants, solicitors, or professional trustees. As a client, we can co-ordinate this for you. If you do not have a solicitor, we can refer you to a qualified and experienced professional who can help you in this area and we will help coordinate all necessary documentation.

It is about structuring your assets and investments and arranging for their cost and tax-effective transfer. This can be done utilising the right trust structures including superannuation and SMSF.

Estate planning can help to ensure sufficient provision is made to pay out debts and support beneficiaries.