Our ESG Investing Commitment

We believe our ESG commitment to creating and developing impact investment strategies and products and investing in companies committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts can generate attractive returns for investors.

our thinking on ESG- impact investing

We focus on creating ESG investments, including investing in companies and strategies that have the potential to generate both financial returns and positive social and environmental impacts.

By targeting investments in companies committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts, we can be active partners in helping create a more sustainable and equitable world. As such, we strive to identify and invest in companies, including in-house financial products and strategies that are making a positive difference in the world and that have the potential to generate attractive returns for our investors.

Our role to our ESG-focused investors and how we can help navigate your ESG investing journey

Our clients should be able to invest in a way that aligns with their values on ESG issues. To achieve this, we take a comprehensive approach to ESG investing, including the following steps:

  1. Identifying ESG risks: We use quantitative and qualitative methods to identify and analyse ESG risks associated with our investments. We look at factors such as a company’s track record on environmental and social issues, its governance practices, and the industry in which it operates. 
  1. Analysing ESG risks: We assess the potential impact of each identified ESG risk on our investments. We also consider the financial implications of the risks and the potential for positive ESG outcomes. 
  1. Integrating ESG into our investment process: We incorporate ESG analysis into our investment decisions. We use ESG analysis to optimise asset allocation, portfolio construction, and stock selection. 
  1. Engaging with companies: We actively engage with the companies we invest in to understand their ESG practices and encourage them to improve. We also leverage our expertise and influence to advocate for ESG-related reforms and initiatives. 
  1. Monitoring and reporting: We regularly monitor the ESG performance of our investments and report our findings to our clients. We also conduct periodic reviews to ensure that our ESG policies and procedures are aligned with our clients.